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The US Senate criticizes Facebook for its influence on teenagers

Facebook has come under fire in the US Senate over the impact of its apps on young users, two weeks after a report revealed that the company was aware that the company's Instagram app could have a toxic effect on teenage girls.

Yesterday, Thursday, the Senate held a hearing involving the company's global head of safety, Antigone Davis, the first of two sessions the Commerce Committee is holding on how Facebook treats its young users, and next week, the committee is expected to receive testimony from a whistleblower in Facebook. .

"We now know that Facebook routinely puts profits ahead of children's safety on the Internet," Democratic Senator Richard Blumtenall said in his remarks at the start of the session. in order to protect them."

He continued, saying that the question that haunts him is how they, as parents, or as anyone else, can trust Facebook.

In a sign of bipartisan pressure on the issue, Senator Marsha Blaburn echoed Blumenthal in her opening remarks directed at Facebook, saying they did not trust the company to influence their children.

The Wall Street Journal revealed earlier this month that Facebook has been conducting studies over the past three years into how Instagram affects millions of young users. The research showed that the site can harm mental health and body image, especially among teenage girls.