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Sherif Abdel Moneim: Mohamed Sherif is an international player with his movements in the penalty area and making the difference

Sherif Abdel Moneim, the former Al-Ahly star, confirmed that Mohamed Sherif, the player of the Red Castle, is a distinguished and technically great player and makes the difference within the green rectangle.


Abdel Moneim said in statements to the seventh day that Mohamed Sharif, as long as he plays for Al-Ahly Club, is a professional international player with a great deal of experience and responsibility, like any player wearing the Al-Ahly shirt, saying: “Any player in Al-Ahly is not just Sharif, he will be international, professional and different from others.


Travolta described the Egyptian football that Sharif's goal is not the reason for this, but that his movements on the field, especially in the penalty area, prove that he is a great and distinguished player and from the Al-Ahly club.


Mohamed Sharif scored the two goals of Egypt's victory against Liberia in a friendly match, which was held by the Pharaohs, in preparation for facing Libya in the World Cup qualifiers.

At this time, Farouk Jaafar, the former coach of Zamalek, stated that Mohamed Sharif did not acquire enough international experience to enter the list of international players, explaining

 In statements in the analytical studio of the friendly match between Egypt and Liberia on Ontime Sports: Mohamed Sherif is the number one striker, but “he is not an international player,” as he needs time and space to gain experience and needs the confidence part.