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NEWSWEEK: Democrats accuse Pelosi of breach of trust over the Infrastructure Act

A number of Democratic members of the US House of Representatives attacked Speaker Nancy Pelosi, accusing her of treason, Newsweek reported, after President Joe Biden made it clear that a $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill would not pass unless Democrats came to an agreement on Broader spending package of $3.5 trillion.

Pelosi had promised moderates that she would hold a vote on the infrastructure bill in the House of Representatives on September 27, before extending the deadline to September 30. But it postponed the vote again, after progressive members refused to vote on the bill unless the larger spending bill passed along.

 Representative Stephanie Murphy said that while she had great respect for Pelosi, she believed her decision to delay a vote again on the nonpartisan infrastructure bill was wrong. While moderate Democratic Representative Josh Gotthemere accused Pelosi of violating her strong and public commitment to members of Congress and the American people to get a vote and pass the once-in-a-century nonpartisan infrastructure bill.

"We cannot allow this tiny fraction of the far left to destroy the president's agenda and stop creating two million jobs a year, including those for millions of hard-working American workers," he said.

For her part, Senator Christine Senema, one of two moderates blocking the passage of the broader spending package, accused Pelosi of betraying the trust of the American people by reneging on her promise.

 Over the course of this year, Democratic leaders have made conflicting promises that not all of them could be kept, and scrapping the infrastructure vote further erodes that trust and, most importantly, betrays the trust of the American people in their elected leaders.