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What happens to your body if you walk for an hour a day?

Walking is an enjoyable sport with many health benefits, and you can practice it at any time during the day, without incurring any cost, and the benefits of walking were not limited to weight loss and thinness only, but also included all members of the body from strengthening bones, heart health, and enhancing mood and psychological state as well.

And according to a report published on the Dr health benefits website, reveal what happens to your body if you stick to walking for an hour a day, and how it affects your health.


Here are the main benefits of walking for an hour a day:


1. Prevent osteoporosis

Osteoporosis is a type of bone problem that occurs to the elderly because their bone mass is low, in addition, bone structure and the low quality of bone tissue leads to osteoporosis, and walking helps prevent it.


2. Promote heart health

Walking reduces blood pressure. As a result, blood clotting also decreases due to the stickiness between blood cells. When we walk, our body automatically moves, which increases this activity. Good cholesterol, which absorbs bad cholesterol, and thus this process enhances the health of our heart.

3. Keep fit

Walking three times a week can significantly increase our fitness and maintain our respiratory system.


4. Improve blood pressure levels

The metabolism in our body is gained by exercising for one hour daily, which helps to stabilize blood pressure.

5. Dementia prevention

Walking for an hour as a routine can reduce the risk of dementia by 40%.


6. Boost the immune system

One hour of walking means that we have made an effort to increase our immune system so that it becomes stronger, sweat and the perfect metabolism of the body will strengthen the immune system to ward off various diseases.