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UN: More than 300,000 people in Sudan have been affected by rains and floods

The United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs in Sudan "OCHA" announced that more than 300,000 Sudanese have been affected by the rains and floods that have ravaged the country from July to September.

In a report, the office stated that heavy rains and floods affected more than 303,000 people in 14 Sudanese states since the beginning of the rainy season in July to September, noting that more than 14,800 homes were destroyed and 45,300 homes were damaged due to heavy rains and floods.

The report added that nearly 183,000 people have been reached and provided with various types of humanitarian assistance in 14 flood-affected states, including food, shelter, water, sanitation and hygiene and food assistance.

The center noted that moderate rainfall is expected between 50-100 mm in the southern parts of Sudan and some parts of western Ethiopia, which form part of the Nile River catchment area.

It is noteworthy that, the Sudanese authorities said that the humanitarian situation in the Juda Administrative Unit in the locality of Al-Gabalin in the White Nile State, which was swept by torrents and floods, was disastrous and exceeded the capacity and capabilities of the locality, and more than 15,000 people were affected.

According to the Sudanese news agency SUNA, Al-Walid Amer Bahr, Executive Director of Al-Jabalin Locality, said that the number of affected families is more than 1,800 families, estimated at 15,000 people, who need urgent humanitarian intervention.

He pointed out that more than 53 villages and teams in the areas of Kilo 4 and Kilo 8 in the southeastern part of the Judah Administrative Unit in the locality of Al-Gabalin in the White Nile State are experiencing a difficult situation due to torrential rains and floods that came from the Blue Nile, which led to the collapse of buildings and the large death of livestock and animals, in addition to damage to agricultural areas in the region.

Al-Waleed revealed the local mobilization of all available efforts from the Civil Defense, humanitarian aid organizations and the Zakat Office to evacuate the affected, provide shelter and food materials, and work to increase drilling mechanisms in coordination with the Autumn Emergency Committee in the state and bring additional numbers of river boats to continue the evacuation operations of families surrounded by water since yesterday.

The Executive Director of Al-Jabaleen locality assured the affected citizens that the situation is under control and that there are relief convoys from the Zakat Bureau, the High Commissioner for Refugees, the Sudanese Red Crescent Society and a number of organizations on their way to the site of the event, appealing to all organizations and benefactors to support the families affected by these torrents and floods and to provide them with a helping hand and backing them In accommodation, food and medicine.

The White Nile State government had inspected the location of the event and assessed the extent of losses and damage and held a meeting, with the leaders of the region, organizations, the High Commissioner for Refugees, the Refugee Commission and the Red Crescent Society, through which it set a table of work priorities, which was to continue the work of the Autumn Emergency Committee at the Ministry of Infrastructure By bringing in additional digging mechanisms to make protective gears for villages and al-Furqan that were not reached by torrential waters, it was directed to bring more river boats to evacuate families besieged by water, in addition to defining an area to accommodate the affected families, and providing shelter materials, food and medicine as a first stage to confront the negative effects of this situation experienced by the residents of the region.