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The UAE and Egypt are discussing strengthening cooperation in the space sector

The Emirates Space Agency received Ambassador Sherif Mohamed Fouad Al-Badawi, Ambassador of the Arab Republic of Egypt to the UAE, within the framework of deepening space cooperation, exchanging knowledge and experiences, identifying capabilities, and discussing the latest developments in the space sector in the two brotherly countries.

The Emirates News Agency stated that during the visit, the Egyptian ambassador met with senior officials of the agency, and they discussed ways to enhance the prospects for space cooperation, in the interest of accelerating the growth of the sector and the sciences, technologies and applications associated with it.

The meeting, which took place at the headquarters of the Emirates Space Agency in Abu Dhabi, also touched on the latest developments in the work of the Arab Group for Space Cooperation, as Egypt, represented by the Egyptian Space Agency, joined the group when it was established in 2019.

The Arab Space Cooperation Group, which was launched at the initiative of the UAE and is based in Abu Dhabi, aims to encourage Arab space cooperation in all activities with common goals, achieve harmony in organizational practices between space agencies and coordinate the positions of the members of the group, in order to adopt a unified opinion in regional forums. And the international space related to space, within the limits of the tasks and competencies entrusted to the group and work on a broader and more comprehensive Arab space cooperation in the field of space.

It is noteworthy that the basic charter of the Arab Group for Space Cooperation, which was approved during the sixth meeting of representatives of the member states of the group on the sidelines of the Dubai Airshow in November 2019, aims to enhance the exchange of knowledge, technical expertise, experiences and information among the participating Arab countries in the field of space and encourage development and research Scientific and innovation in the field of space, in order to enhance the process of building space capabilities among the members of the group, and to coordinate in order to achieve harmony in space policies, laws and procedures, and to seek to unify them as much as possible by taking advantage of the best practices and standards adopted globally, and to encourage and support cooperation in the field of establishing space agencies or Space programs in countries where there are no such agencies and cooperation with relevant regional and international organizations.