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Russian security arrests two members of the Chechen "Basayev" and "Khattab" gang

The Russian Investigative Committee of the Public Prosecution announced the arrest of two new members of the Chechen gang (Basayev) and (Khattab), noting that these two members participated in the attack on residential centers in the Butlekh district of Dagestan in 1999.


The committee stated - in a statement today, Saturday - that the Federal Security Service, in partnership with the Russian Ministry of Interior and with military support from the Russian National Guard, arrested two residents of the Russian “Stavropol” region, Albert Elakayev and Alemkhan Musaev, who were members of an armed terrorist gang led by Shamil Basayev and Khattab in Chechnya.


The statement indicated that Elakayev and Musaev committed the crimes stipulated in the Russian Criminal Code, related to belonging to an armed gang, armed rebellion and assault on the lives of soldiers and security personnel.


It is reported that from 7 to 24 August 1999, at least a thousand militants with automatic weapons, grenades and explosive devices participated in the implementation of an armed rebellion and assault on the Russian military in the "Botlekh" region of Dagestan, killing 33 people and wounding 34 others.