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Learn about the dangers of taking too many vitamin D supplements

Vitamin D is one of the essential vitamins in the body, and a deficiency in it leads to many diseases such as bone diseases, spinal pain, lethargy and depression, so getting the necessary doses of it contributes to warding off many diseases.

Just as vitamin D deficiency poses a threat to your health, taking too much of it can have serious side effects. Many of us may suffer from a deficiency during the winter, so some take supplements to keep vitamin D levels high, so it is necessary to make sure to eat the recommended amount. And not to give yourself a lot of it so as not to harm your body, according to what was stated on the Express website.


Experts explained that our bodies get vitamin D from exposure to sunlight, but during the winter months, there is not enough strong sunlight for us to produce vitamin D on our own, so everyone over the age of four is advised to take a vitamin D supplement, according to the NHS. British health.


The NHS recommends taking a supplement containing 10 micrograms of vitamin D daily from October to March, however, researchers from Harvard Medical School have warned against people taking vitamin D without consulting a doctor.


Experts noted that although vitamin D is known to strengthen bones, one study showed that older women who took in a lot of vitamin D had more fractures, and in some cases, it could be an overdose of vitamin D. toxic;


The report explained that vitamin D may help your body absorb calcium, but large amounts can lead to a condition called hypercalcemia, in which case too much calcium builds up in the blood and you risk forming calcium deposits in the arteries. It must be kept in moderation and not exceed the recommended amount.