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How do you keep your gut healthy while taking antibiotics?

The gut is made up of millions of bacteria that help keep us healthy. They perform many functions to keep our immune system strong. 90% of our immunity is made up inside our gut. A deficiency of the gut microbiome has many long-term repercussions that can lead to degenerative and neurological disorders, according to a healthline report.

How do you keep your gut healthy while taking antibiotics?


Eat more fruits and vegetables


Limit processed and refined foods such as refined sugars, refined flours, stimulants, tea and coffee, include fresh fruits and vegetables, legumes, lentils and leafy greens as much as possible, and use spices to absorb micronutrients, flavors and healing properties.

Drink broth because it contains collagen


Collagen is an excellent source for healing and soothing the lining of the intestine. Bone broth contains natural collagen content, amino acids and gelatin that help strengthen the lining of the intestinal wall and have anti-inflammatory properties. Collagen can be incorporated as a supplement as well.

Take probiotics

Eating probiotics replenishes the good microbiome and keeps out the bad ones, and excellent sources of dietary probiotics are fermented foods like yogurt, and fermented spices like sauerkraut.

Get rid of stress

Stress can reduce the good bacteria in the gut and cause an imbalance, nourish the gut by incorporating anti-stress mechanisms, relax and engage in restorative activities to relax.