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Footage of cars drowning in flood waters on the streets of France

The regions of southern France witnessed massive floods after their cities were flooded by heavy rains that turned roads and fields into rivers and lakes, and new footage showed scenes of streets covered in water, while cars sank in floodwaters, with streets empty of pedestrians for fear of being affected by the effects of heavy floods, according to what was reported. Sky News.

The French authorities evacuated hundreds of people in the south of the country after severe floods inundated roads and fields in the region.

And the local authorities stated - according to the European "Euro News" channel today, Wednesday - that there were no reports so far of casualties in the wake of the rains in the Gard region, noting that the floods severely damaged homes and infrastructure throughout the towns and villages located between the two cities of Nîmes. and Montpellier in the south of the country.

The regional emergency service said that a person was struck by lightning but survived, and the roof of a store collapsed due to the flowing water, and about 800 firefighters were mobilized to rescue people through helicopters and other means.

Schools have been closed across the region as clean-up work has begun in some countries, and a search is underway for someone who was listed missing yesterday.