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Explosion of a missile launcher north of Salah al-Din, Iraq

Today, Wednesday, an Iraqi security source said that a missile launcher exploded on the outskirts of Baiji district, north of Salah al-Din governorate, under mysterious circumstances.

The source said - in statements reported by the Iraqi news channel "Alsumaria News" - that "a security force from the police and the crowd rushed to cordon off the scene of the explosion," noting that an investigation had been opened into the accident to find out its causes and reveal its circumstances.


Earlier, the Security Media Cell in Iraq announced the killing of an ISIS terrorist and the wounding of another during a security operation north of the capital, Baghdad. A joint force managed to find a hideout for ISIS terrorist gangs north of Baghdad.

She indicated that the den was raided and cordoned off, and the terrorist elements inside it clashed, killing one of them, who was wearing an explosive belt, and wounding another.

Yesterday, Tuesday, the Iraqi Security Media Cell announced the arrest of a terrorist element east of Baghdad, and the security cell stated, in a statement reported by Al-Iraqiya News Channel, that a force from the Federal Intelligence and Investigation Agency managed to arrest a wanted suspect in accordance with Article 4 of terrorism in the capital, Baghdad. He pointed out that the accused, who is also wanted by the Babylon Intelligence and Counter-Terrorism Directorate, was referred to the competent authorities to take all legal measures against him.


It is noteworthy that this comes at a time when the Iraqi forces are tightening their security procedures and operations during this period in various parts of the country to pursue and expel the remnants of the terrorist organization Daesh and suppress terrorist operations, before the start of the parliamentary elections that are scheduled to take place on the tenth of next October.