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El Mundo: Europe's largest refugee center under criticism: surrounded by barbed wires

Samos, the new asylum seekers' center built by Greece, has come under many criticisms, as despite being the largest refugee reception center in Europe, it lacks the basic rights of migrants.

And the Spanish newspaper "El Mundo" indicated that although asylum seekers in Europe have a new home, it appears behind a barbed wire fence and tight monitoring systems like European prisons.

Citizens Platform 'Stop Mare Mortum' spokeswoman Sonia Ross lamented the conditions of the new reception center - the largest in Europe - which opened on the island of Samos, Greece, and said "only heavens open for migrants and refugees".

The activist called the center inappropriate as it "violates all basic rights such as the right to education, private life or family", in an interview after presenting the "Veus Europees" project promoted this week by the EU office.

Regarding the refugee center on Samos, Sonia Ross criticized that these people are "held - a word she takes it as a euphemism - under a machine with police, fences, geographic restrictions, entry and exit times".

She warned that the EU's right-wing and far-right positions "move the whole weight of the parliamentary arc towards a very restrictive position" which in her view is too little guarantee of rights.

The European Commission pledged 276 million euros to fund five new camps on the Aegean islands that receive the most migrants.

On Samos, the Vathy reception centre, which must be completely vacated by the end of September, housed some 7,000 asylum seekers between 2015 and 2016, even though it had a base capacity of 680 people.