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Egypt ranked second in the mixed relay swimming competitions at the World Modern Pentathlon Championship

The Belarus national team topped the mixed relay swimming competitions during its participation in the World Modern Pentathlon Championship for young men and women under 19 years old, which will be held in Alexandria from 13 to 19 September.
Belarus national team Anastasia Malachinuka and Ivan Britiko ranked first with 327 points, while the national team (1) consisting of Moataz Wael and Amira Kandil came second with 319 points, and Kazakhstan team consisting of Anastasia Kuchkova and Nikita Zvitsa with a total of 315 points, while The national team (2), consisting of Muhammad Sharif and Najwa Hussain, won a total of 292 points, and it is scheduled to take place shortly after the arms competitions will take place.
It is worth noting that the national team has won two golds so far, as the team won a gold in the under-19 team relay, consisting of Mazen Tariq and Moataz Wael, with a total of 1212 points, and a gold in the under-17 team relay with a team consisting of King Khaled and Amira Qandil with a total of 1114 points.
The list of the national under-19 team includes: Moataz Wael Ezzat - Mazen Tariq - Saif Al-Bandari - Omar Sameh - Mohammed Walid - Amira Qandil - King Khaled - Zina Amer - Zina Rashid - Najwa Khaled - Hania Abu Bakr.
The national under-17 team includes: Mohamed Sharif - Yassin Al-Hadi - Osama Medhat - Marwan Allam - Amr Ali - Yassin Ahmed - Malak Khaled - Habiba Haitham - Jana Ahmed - Janna Walid - Jana Mohammed Al-Darawi - Sarah Omar - Ritaj Aladdin Hibatullah Amr Yousry.
The technical staff of the national team also includes: Amr Sayed, technical director for youth, Hisham Suleiman, running coach, Ibrahim Sukkar shooting, Mohamed Alaa Ramaya, Mohamed Sabahi for arms, Abdel Rahman Adel Selah, Khaled Asfour, swimming, Khaled Salah, swimming, Tarek Nouhi, swimming, Dr. Youssef. Hassan the masseur - Basil Jamil, the national team doctor.
271 male and female players will participate in the tournament, with 146 male and 125 female players from 27 countries: Australia - Belarus - Brazil - Bulgaria - France - Georgia - Germany - Guatemala - Italy - Kazakhstan - Lithuania - Poland - Portugal - South Africa - Spain - Sweden - Switzerland - Thailand - Turkey - Ukraine - Uzbekistan - China - Czech Republic - Hungary - Russia - Mexico - in addition to Egypt, the organizing country.