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Details of the "businessmen" meeting with the delegation of the Romanian province of Nemets for investment in Egypt

The Egyptian side of the Egyptian-Romanian Business Council of the Egyptian Businessmen Association, in cooperation with the Romanian Embassy in the Arab Republic of Egypt, organized a working meeting in Cairo between the official delegation of the Neamets Provincial Council and Egyptian businessmen.


The meeting was chaired by Dr. Ahmed Al-Sukari, head of the Egyptian side of the Joint Business Council, and a group of major companies from the Roman province of Niams, in the presence of Dr. Umniah Fahmy, Vice-President of the Joint Business Council, and Sherif Al-Shafei, a representative of the General Authority for Investment and Free Zones.


At the beginning of the meeting, Ionel Arsen, head of the Niams Governorate Council, praised the cooperation with Egypt and the efforts made by both sides to consolidate partnership in increasing the volume of trade between the two countries.


Arsene added that the Arab Republic of Egypt is one of Romania's main trading partners in Africa and the Middle East, as it is the largest importer of wheat, in which Romania is among the top five grain exporters.


He referred to the two countries' capabilities in establishing a real partnership for construction and building companies to work on national and development projects, especially in the large-scale infrastructure projects currently underway in Egypt.


For his part, Dr. Ahmed Al-Sukari, head of the Egyptian side in the Joint Business Council, said that the council intends to make a business trip to Romania during the coming period.


The head of the Egyptian side also welcomed the invitation of the president of Neamets canton to form a delegation to visit the canton to get acquainted with the joint cooperation opportunities in the various sectors and to sign a cooperation protocol with one of the business organizations in the canton.


Dr. Omnia Fahmy, Vice-President of the Romanian Council, pointed out the importance of Egyptian-Romanian relations, which span more than 150 years, stressing that there are opportunities for joint cooperation in the textile sector, small and medium industries, and tourism, especially medical tourism.


During the meeting, the two sides discussed opportunities for trade, investment and cooperation between the business community in Niams County and the business community in Egypt. Businessmen also expressed their interest in developing partnerships in many economic fields in which the two countries have mutual economic benefits, including the production of equipment for the oil, chemicals and petrochemical industries, and textile manufacturing. And the export of grain, animal products, and wood products.