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Catalonia's secession causes political crisis in Spain again as negotiations continue

Spain is facing a new political crisis due to the desire of the separatists in Catalonia to hold a new referendum on independence.

The Spanish newspaper "El Mundo" indicated that Catalan separatists want to hold a referendum on self-determination and ask for pardon for the accused in 2017.

"We have verified that we still maintain very distant and fundamentally different political positions, but we have agreed that the dialogue table is the best way to move forward and find solutions," Sanchez said after his meeting with the Independence Party.

The newspaper pointed out that there are no expectations of reaching a final solution to the Catalan independence crisis, especially since Sanchez insisted on finding a solution to improve the economic and social situation of the Catalan population, but he strongly rejected and resolved any demands for the secession of the region, while Aragones insisted that the only issues raised are the possibility of Spain allowing By holding a referendum on independence, and issuing a general amnesty for all those separatists with legal troubles.

"It was a meeting that lasted nearly two hours and I consider it important because it includes the will of both governments to look for solutions," said Sanchez, who thanked the independence leader for his hospitality and expressed his "affection" for Catalonia.

The independence leader said after the meeting that he described it as a "stepping stone" and "a new stage in the political struggle with the Spanish state".

"We note the difficulties involved in these processes, which are not easy at all and are long-term, but we emphasize the will to work and the consensus that the table is the appropriate tool," he added.

Regarding the request for a referendum for self-determination and amnesty for pro-independence accused, Sanchez said that “it is not possible” for the Spanish government, for this reason, he considered it important to start negotiating issues where positions are “closer” with “hope to reach a settlement.” agreed solution" in the future.

Sanchez believes "reunification" with Catalonia is "key" after a decade of struggle over the independence process and was determined to "restore affection" with the Catalans.