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British Minister of Health: Corona vaccines booster dose program will start next week

British Health Minister Sajid Javid said that the booster dose program for the emerging coronavirus vaccines will start next week, and Javid added - in his speech to the British House of Commons reported by the British "Sky News" channel today, Tuesday, that the booster doses are an important way to prevent the virus in the long run. Al-Taweel, explaining that he accepted the recommendation of the British Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunization that the booster dose be distributed to those 50 years old, those in nursing homes, front-line workers, health and social care workers.

He explained that 81% of the adult population over 16 years of age received the two necessary doses of vaccines against the Corona virus, pointing out that the link between infections, hospitalizations and deaths has significantly weakened since the beginning of the pandemic, noting the need to be careful during the winter season, which creates conditions for the growth of viruses.

He pointed out that the British government has developed a "Plan B" in the event the situation deteriorates for the worse during the winter, adding that it includes a possible legal mandate to wear face masks in specific places and the re-implementation of the work-from-home guidance.

He pointed out that Plan B will be implemented if pressure on the British health care system becomes unbearable, stressing the need to emphasize the importance of vaccines, pointing out that during the first half of this year 99% of people who died as a result of the virus did not receive the two necessary doses of the vaccine.