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Aoun to the Lebanese: Rest assured, the last year of my term will be the year of real reforms

The President of Lebanon, General Michel Aoun, directed his speech to the Lebanese, "Rest assured, the last year of my term will be the year of real reforms, after this was not achieved due to the preference of some concerned for their personal interests and they formed a system that closed the doors in the face of any reform that provided protection for the corrupt and the perpetrators. Criminal auditing of the accounts of the Banque du Liban. It is the door to the desired reform, and it must be accompanied by a plan for recovery and revival to make up for what has passed, and to start the real rescue that the new government has taken as its slogan,” according to the Lebanon 24 website.


He pointed out that the forensic financial audit of the accounts of the Banque du Liban is a qualitative step in the process of adhering to the rules of transparency, combating corruption, reform and accountability. According to a press release by the Presidency of Lebanon.


Aoun pointed out that the criminal financial audit was achieved after 20 months of persistent and daily efforts to reach it, and it responds to the right of the Lebanese to know the causes of the economic, financial, social and living collapse that afflicted the country and its people.


He continued: "The criminal financial audit paves the way for the desired reforms and responds to the wishes of the international community to help us achieve the economic recovery that we hope the Hodeidah government will succeed in achieving."


As for what the audit will include, Aoun said: "The criminal financial audit will later include departments, public institutions, councils, funds and bodies, especially those that have suspected the performance of those responsible for them during the past thirty years."