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Ahmed El Sewedy: Egypt witnessed a construction boom recently

Engineer Ahmed Al-Abd, head of Concord Contracting Company, said that contracting companies seek to export the contracting sector, as the state helped cement factories and provided facilities for export to Africa, noting that there are other products that can be exported to Africa, including ceramics and iron, and thus Egyptian companies can export the sector. Contracting abroad.


In turn, Ahmed El Sewedy, CEO of El Sewedy Company, said that what Egypt is witnessing during the recent period is an unprecedented boom in construction and roads, through Egyptian companies, which have gained great experience that enables them to work and open foreign markets, especially in Africa, in light of providing support to companies as It happens with Chinese and Turkish companies.


This came during the discussion sessions of the Builders of Egypt Forum. In its current session, the recipient reviews the unprecedented urban development efforts, the development of massive infrastructure projects, and the inauguration of fourth-generation cities to build the “New Republic”, in order to stimulate the export of Egyptian contracting and real estate abroad as one of the main axes of restoring the identity of the Egyptian economy In many markets as one of the most important emerging economies, and one of the pillars that support the tireless efforts made by the Egyptian state under the wise leadership of His Excellency President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi, President of the Republic to develop relations between Egypt and its Arab and African surroundings, and the state’s constant endeavor to achieve bilateral cooperation and economic integration and support and revitalize intra-trade In order to create a decent life for the people of the region.


The forum aims to contribute to creating the interconnection between basic infrastructure, economic development and long-term sustainability in the African continent and the Middle East, starting with Egypt and its new republic, within a framework that includes government officials, developers, financiers, service providers, business development and relevant international institutions in rich discussions, and all opportunities and offers are presented. In the context of exchanging best practices through direct contact with decision makers, and reviewing the policies and strategies of countries in the region.