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A.H.A: A UN report warns of the danger of the return of refugees to Syria and the deterioration of the situation in Daraa

The twenty-fourth report of the United Nations Fact-Finding Committee in Syria warned of the danger of refugees returning to Syria due to the escalation of fighting and a return to violence.

The new report, which is scheduled to be submitted by the committee to the Human Rights Council on September 23, 2021, warns of the deteriorating situation in Daraa al-Balad.

According to the United Nations Information Center, the report stressed the importance of not criminalizing children for what their parents did, pointing to the dire conditions in al-Hol camp, which hosts huge numbers of refugees, and after years of the territorial defeat of ISIS, thousands of women and children are still illegally detained in Camps across northeastern Syria.

The UN report stressed that the general situation in Syria appears increasingly bleak, due to the escalating violence, the deteriorating economy, the drying up of rivers, and the unstoppable widespread transmission of the Covid-19 virus in society due to the health care system decimated by war, lack of oxygen and vaccines.