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Abdel Hamid Bassiouni, mourning the Field Marshal: We lost the symbol of his immortal national works with the Egyptians

Abdel Hamid Bassiouni, Technical Director of the Army’s Vanguards, mourned with great sadness and sorrow, Field Marshal Mohamed Hussein Tantawi, Minister of Defense and Military Production and the former Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces, and one of the most prominent military icons who gave their lives to serve their country.

Abdel Hamid Bassiouni said in exclusive statements to “The Seventh Day”: “My sincere condolences to the military institution, we lost a symbol that history will remember with words of light, and his patriotic deeds will remain in the hearts of all Egyptians.”

Field Marshal Mohamed Hussein Tantawi Suleiman was born on October 31, 1935, joined the Military College of the Infantry Corps, and graduated in the 35th batch of war, on the first of April 1956, where he obtained a Bachelor’s degree in military sciences, the Higher War College course, and rose in positions until he took over the Ministry of Defense in 1991. He was promoted to the rank of Field Marshal in October 1993, and continued in his position until his exit in August 2012.

Field Marshal Muhammad Hussein Tantawi rose in positions, starting with a platoon commander in one of the infantry battalions, then a member of the teaching staff at the Military College, and progressed until he reached the commander of the 16th Infantry Mechanized Division in the October War.

The former Minister of Defense also assumed the position of military attache in the State of Pakistan, then head of the Operations Branch of the Second Field Army, until he reached the position of Chief of Staff of the Second Field Army, as commander of the Second Field Army, and then to the leadership of the Republican Guard Forces in 1988.

Field Marshal Tantawi assumed the position of Minister of Defense in 1991, where he was at the rank of Lieutenant-General, after which he was promoted to First Lieutenant General, and continued until 1993, when he was promoted to the rank of Field Marshal until he was discharged from service in 2012.

Field Marshal Tantawi held the position of President of the Military Council, in 2011, and remained in office until June 2012, and after leaving the army, he was appointed as an advisor to the President of the Republic.

Field Marshal Tantawi was awarded the War Wounded Medal, the Excellent Service Medal, the Twentieth Revolution Day Medal, the Army Day Medal, the October 6th Medal, the Long Service Medal and Good Example, the October Liberation Medal, the January 25 2011 Medal, the Military Duty Medal of the first class, and the Excellent Service Medal.

Field Marshal Tantawi, throughout his career in war and peace in the armed forces, was also awarded the April 25th Medal, the Victory Medal, the Military Independence Medal, the Military Evacuation Medal, the Military Duty Medal of the Second Class, the Military Courage Medal, the Saudi Liberation of Kuwait Medal, the Saudi Battle Medal, and the Order of Resurrection The United Arab Republic, in addition to the Liberation Medal, the Pakistani Order of Excellence, and the Nile Collar.