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69 million citizens benefit from ration cards and 79 million from bread subsidies

The government focused on improving the supply system concerned with subsidizing existing foodstuffs, so that the number of beneficiaries of the ration card system applied in Egypt reached nearly 69 million people, while about 79 million people benefit from the system of subsidizing a loaf of bread, and the spending on them is about 6% of the total. Expenditure of the state’s general budget, as confirmed by the Human Development Report - Egypt 2021.


Egypt has worked to mitigate the impact of economic reforms on the neediest groups by increasing the allocations for social protection programs, expanding conditional cash support programs and improving the targeting of the supply system support system.


The report emphasized that Egypt adopted a new philosophy to achieve social justice and enhance human security, from protection to empowerment, in conjunction with economic reforms. Egypt dealt with the issue of social protection from a comprehensive inclusive perspective, and worked to expand citizens’ choices by enhancing their capabilities and enabling them to access assets and resources.


The report monitors this transformation and its most important results, as Egypt directed the proceeds from its rationalization of energy subsidies to social protection programs based on good targeting and raised in its successive general budget the percentage of financial allocations for social protection programs, as well as expanded the empowerment and social protection programs based on conditional cash transfers, and implemented a solidarity and dignity program In all governorates, focusing on the neediest groups, especially women. The number of beneficiaries of cash support in all its forms reached 3.8 million families in February 2021.