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What do children need for better growth?.. Add protein and healthy fats to food

A balanced and nutritious diet plays an essential role in overall development, young children tend to be very selective when it comes to food which makes them prone to missing out on the nutrients they need to build their bodies.

It is very important to ensure that a large amount of nutrients are taken for the proper growth and development of the child which can also be provided with milk powders or desired nutritional supplements.

The importance of protein

From the early years of childhood through adolescence, proteins fuel the physical and mental development of a child resulting in stronger bodies and minds. Protein is an important component as it is responsible for building tissues such as muscles, skin and bones.

Children need more protein during childhood than at any other time in their lives, and the National Academies of Sciences suggest that children aged 1-3 years get at least 13 grams of protein per day.

Protein for your baby's growth

While children ages 4 to 8 should get at least 19 grams a day of protein, children ages 9 to 13 should get at least 34 grams a day.

The importance of healthy fats for children

Including foods rich in healthy fats is also very essential. Try adding olives, nuts, avocado and seafood to your child’s table, which provide essential fatty acids and vitamin E.

The importance of physical activity

Try to involve your child in doing physical activity from the early years, as doing activities such as dancing, skating, cycling, swimming, etc. helps to develop both physically and mentally.