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UN Secretary-General: All countries must prepare to receive Afghan refugees

UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres urged all countries to be ready to receive Afghan refugees and to refrain from any deportations, stressing that it is time to stand up as one.

Guterres - during a speech delivered today at the United Nations Headquarters - called on all parties in Afghanistan to commit to protecting civilians, providing humanitarian assistance and life-saving services without any hindrance and for their timely delivery.

Guterres said that the world is watching the events in Afghanistan with a sad heart about what "we are waiting for in the future," adding, "We have all witnessed the events in real time, which included real chaos and fear," while "much lies in balance, progress, hope and dream of generations of young women and goals of Afghan boys and men." .

"It is a dangerous hour in which I urge all parties, especially the Taliban movement, to exercise maximum restraint to protect lives and to ensure that humanitarian needs are met," Guterres added, noting that the conflict forced hundreds of people to evacuate their homes, and the Afghan capital, Kabul, witnessed a massive influx of people. Arrivals from governorates all over the country felt unsafe.

Guterres stressed that the international community must unite and use all available tools, and "speak with one voice to ensure human rights in Afghanistan," calling on the Taliban and all parties to respect international humanitarian law and the rights and freedoms of individuals.

He also revealed that the international organization had received reports from all over Afghanistan regarding severe restrictions, which he described as "chilling", expressing special concern about the escalation of human rights violations against women and girls in Afghanistan, which raises the fear of a return to the dark ages.

He stressed that it is necessary to ensure the protection of the rights of Afghan women and girls, who are looking for support from the international community, which is the same community that assures them that educational opportunities will be expanded to be guaranteed, and freedom and rights to be secured.

He also stressed that the international community must unite to ensure that Afghanistan will not be used as a platform or a safe haven for terrorist organizations, appealing to the Security Council and the entire international community to stand side by side, work and act together and use all tools to eliminate global terrorism that threatens Afghanistan to ensure respect for human rights the basic.