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Planning is following up on the field implementation of the projects of Alexandria and Matrouh Universities

The delegation of the Ministry of Planning and Economic Development, headed by Ismail Youssef, Head of the Human and Social Development Sector, and Badr Othman, Director General of the General Administration of Higher Education and Scientific Research, paid a field visit to Alexandria and Matrouh Universities, to follow up on the executive position of the two universities’ projects included in the investment plan for the current fiscal year 21/2022.


On the economic importance of the education sector, Dr. Hala Al-Saeed, Minister of Planning and Economic Development, explained that education is the main entrance to the development of human resources and the development of societies to keep pace with the developments of the times and the requirements of the transition to a knowledge-based economy and to enhance international competitiveness in various areas of life. Therefore, all countries focus in their development plans on highlighting the role of Education builds society, supports its economic capabilities, and places it on its list of priorities when allocating resources and deciding programs and projects.


Al-Saeed added that, believing in the importance of education in building people and upgrading the society culturally, scientifically and behaviorally, the successive development plans pay great attention to building the Egyptian personality by upgrading the educational system, improving the quality of the educational system, raising the efficiency, competence and competitiveness of its outputs, which is embodied by the steady improvement in the center of Egypt in indicators and evidence. Human Development.


The Minister of Planning highlighted the importance of field monitoring of projects and evaluation on the ground, which contributes to improving the governance process and spending efficiency, especially the government's investment spending, stressing that the planning process must be followed up by continuous follow-up to ensure sustainability.


For his part, Ismail Youssef explained that during the field visit to Matrouh University, Dr. Mustafa Al-Najjar, the president of the university was met, and during the meeting, the executive position of the university’s projects in kilo 9 on the desert road, and ways to push the implementation rates to complete 3 projects and operate them during the current fiscal year, was discussed. The field visit to the university included inspecting the project of completing the implementation of networks and utilities works at the university campus in Kilo 9 in Matrouh, at a cost of 360 million pounds, and the project of completing the finishing and equipping of the laboratory and workshop building (phase 2) at the university campus at a cost of 150 million pounds, in addition to the project to establish and equip the electronic examination building on the university campus. At a cost of 248 million pounds, as well as finishing and equipping the terraces and classrooms building at a cost of 150 million pounds.


With regard to the field visit tour to Alexandria University, it included following up on the executive position of several projects represented in the project of constructing the specialized departments building at the Faculty of Engineering - Al-Hurriya Road, at a cost of 105 million pounds, and the project to construct the new chemistry building - the Faculty of Science, Al-Hurriya Road, at a cost of 260 million pounds, in addition to a project to establish The building of the International Medical College and the Graduate Studies and Research Building - in the Burj Al Arab complex at a cost of 150 million pounds, and the extension of the College of Fine Arts (the third phase) and the College of Alsun and Applied Languages ​​in Abis at a cost of 293 million pounds, in addition to the project to establish the College of Specific Education and the College of Kindergarten on the university grounds in Abis at a cost of 250 Million and pounds.