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Moscow: Opening of the first hydrogen filling station for cars in 2025

The Russian government announced today, Monday, that it is planned to open the first 100 hydrogen filling stations for cars in Russia in 2025, as part of a plan approved by the government to develop the electric car sector in the country.


The Russian government said - according to what was reported by (Russia Today) channel - that "it is expected that 100 filling stations will be built annually in the period from 2025 to 2027, with the opening of about 300 stations in 2028, and about 200 other hydrogen stations in the period from 2029 to 2030".


She added that hydrogen stations will provide an opportunity to deploy a greater number of electric vehicles operating on fuel cells, as part of the Russian government's plan, noting that the priorities of this emerging industry are developing the production base, building technological competencies, introducing new products essentially to the market and creating a modern infrastructure for engineering. and transportation.


It is planned to produce at least 25,000 electric cars, and open more than 9,000 charging stations for them by 2024.