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Iraq: Arrest of 6 accused of terrorism southeast of Baghdad

Today, Tuesday, the Iraqi police arrested 6 people accused of terrorism in Maysan Governorate, southeast of the capital, Baghdad.

And the Maysan Police Directorate stated - in a statement reported by the Iraqi news channel (Alsumaria News) - that the police in Maysan carried out a wide search campaign, during which they were able to arrest 6 accused of terrorism for committing the crime of shooting at the role of citizens in what is known as (the tribal bench).

The statement indicated that all the accused were referred to the competent authorities to take all legal measures against them.

The "tribal bench" is defined as armed attacks on homes to compel opponents to submit to tribal rule, and it is carried out through a shooting process with various weapons on opponents' homes, and this custom became remarkably popular after the US occupation of Iraq in 2003.