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Why check food safety in the file of violations of dairy factories and their products?

The Food Safety Authority is conducting extensive investigations into complaints of violations in some food factories and establishments, especially the dairy sector and its products, taking the necessary measures to control the manufacturing process in accordance with food safety requirements.


In this context, Dr. Basma Suleiman, head of the Food Complaints Examination Committee and rapporteur of the Scientific Committee for Additives in the Food Safety Authority, says that the authority is conducting extensive investigations into all complaints related to all production sectors, noting that the dairy sector and its products, including cheese, are the most in terms of the number of complaints, because Dairy products are of a high degree of risk because they need a special nature in terms of production and storage stages.


She added, in exclusive statements to the seventh day, that the role of the Food Safety Authority is to evaluate the performance of the violating facilities and factories and not to close them, but rather work to raise awareness of factories and facilities that have violations that can be remedied and dealt with, pointing out that the authority does not tolerate any production that harms the health of consumers.


Regarding the number and nature of complaints, Dr. Basma Suleiman confirmed that it is not possible to disclose the names of the factories or companies against which the complaint is made, nor the nature and quality of complaints to maintain the confidentiality of investigations as well as the performance of the work of the authority, pointing out that the dairy sector and its products have the largest share in terms of the number of complaints. received by the Food Safety Authority.


She pointed out that the Food Safety Authority supports the national industry and does not hinder it, so there is constant communication and coordination with the Egyptian Chamber of Food Industries in the Federation of Industries regarding some files, especially awareness of the importance of services provided by food safety to industry and how to deal with various obstacles and problems.


And the decision of the Scientific Committee for Additives at the Food Safety Authority continued, that the committees of the authority move with any complaints, and here the complaints are not related to factories only, but there are complaints related to the activity of restaurants, supermarkets, hypermarkets or even kiosks on the street, pointing out that the authority directs a number of necessary measures to control Amending the violating behavior of the entity subject of the complaint. In the event of non-compliance, appropriate measures are taken, especially if the entity produces and pumps its production into the markets.


Dr. Basma Suleiman explained that some complaints are malicious, so we deal transparently with all the complaints received and do not take any action until after verifying the validity of the complaint, and conducting the required visits to ensure the presence of the violation.