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The Iraqi army reveals a plan to protect energy towers from terrorist attacks

The Iraqi Army's Joint Operations Command revealed today the details of the plan to protect the energy towers from terrorist attacks, by involving air aviation in them.

"The Joint Operations Command has opened an operations room with the Ministry of Electricity, in which the army, the Federal Police and the Popular Mobilization were involved, as well as other security services to protect the electricity towers," Joint Operations spokesman Major General Tahsin al-Khafaji said in a statement reported by the Iraqi (Alsumaria News) channel.

He explained that the plan to protect the towers included the introduction of drones and the introduction of air force and army aviation, as well as the start of introducing systems and technical efforts in this field, which contributed to stopping some attacks that targeted power lines in the past two days, noting that activating the intelligence and security effort had a major role in the success of the plan.

He pointed to the start of work on the issue of security partnership by involving the army, the police, the crowd and other security services, in addition to the citizens and their cooperation, where rewarding rewards were allocated to those who identify terrorists.