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The Football Association on the pressure of matches: If the league does not end August 26, it will end September 30

Football Association officials revealed that the league matches were compressed into the last schedule that was announced yesterday, Sunday, until the league ends on August 26, especially as the team will start its camp after the end of the league in preparation for the World Cup qualifiers.

Football Association officials explained that if the league does not end on August 26, it will extend until September 30 at the very least, especially that the league will stop from August 29 until next September 15 due to the team’s matches against Angola and Gabon in the 2022 World Cup qualifiers, and therefore if the league does not end before The camp will run until the end of September.

Hossam El-Badry, coach of the Egyptian national team, settled on the launch of the Pharaohs camp on August 29, in preparation for the African World Cup qualifiers, where the team opens its campaign against Angola and Gabon.

This comes after the Football Association’s assurances to Hossam El-Badry that the league will end on August 26, so the technical director preferred to give the players a rest for 3 days before attending the camp, especially since the remaining league matches were compressed, specifically for Al-Ahly and Zamalek.

Hossam Al-Badri also settled on adopting the 4-3-3 method in the national team during the coming period, which will witness the 2022 World Cup qualifiers.

The last period witnessed the national team’s reliance on more than one method of playing according to the nature of each match and the goal of it, such as the 4-4-2 method, and the 4-3-2-1 method, before Al-Badri settled on adopting the 4-3-3 method in the coming period. The World Cup qualifiers.

The Egyptian national team is preparing to compete in the African qualifying competitions for the 2022 World Cup, which begins next September, and the team is located in Group F with the teams of Angola, Gabon and Libya.

Forty teams are participating in the qualifiers, divided into 10 groups, of which only 5 teams qualify to participate in the global forum, where the group leaders qualify for the final stage, which is held by the direct confrontation system back and forth.