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Study: Eating a Mediterranean diet makes you less likely to catch coronavirus

A new study from Harvard University and King's College London found that people who follow a Mediterranean diet are less likely to get infected with corona, and if they are infected, their condition will be lighter, as the study showed that healthy eating may be linked to a lower risk of infection with corona, and people were Those who follow a diet rich in vegetables, nuts, and fish are less likely to develop or develop a severe condition.

According to an insider report, eating a high-quality diet rich in vegetables and oily fish may reduce the risk of infection with corona, or the condition is mild in the case of infection.

Researchers from Harvard University and King's College London looked at data on 592,571 adults in the United Kingdom and the United States who participated in the COVID-19 symptom study, and by comparing self-reported COVID-19 symptoms with surveys of participants' eating habits, they found that people who ate high-quality diets with seafood-style dishes The Mediterranean, filled with veggies, grains, nuts, fish and healthy fats like olive oil - were 10% less likely to have contracted COVID-19.

It turns out that those who followed a healthy diet were 40% less likely to develop serious stages of the disease compared to people who ate the least healthy food. This was true even after accounting for lifestyle factors such as wearing masks, exercise and socioeconomic status.

The researchers ranked diet quality based on previous research on healthy vegetarian diets and UK Diet Guidelines. Healthy diets, according to the study, focused on nutrient-rich whole foods, lots of plants, and few processed foods.

This includes plant and animal diets as well as the Mediterranean diet, which research consistently shows is among the healthiest eating patterns.

Researchers found that people who ate these meals tended to have a healthier gut microbiome, and beneficial bacteria in the digestive system. diseases, including Corona.

Diets were rated as lower quality if they included more animal products and processed foods, including juice, potato chips, French fries, refined grains and added sugars.