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President of the Taekwondo Federation: Egypt deserves a lot, and we dedicate the Tokyo bronze to President Sisi

Amr Selim, head of the Taekwondo Federation, confirmed that the Egyptian state did not skimp on the Egyptian delegation currently participating in the Tokyo Olympics, after the duo Hedaya Malak and Saif Issa managed to win bronze medals, stressing in televised statements to On Time Sport that all members of the mission had a fit of Crying after the champions were crowned with medals.

The head of the Taekwondo Federation added that Egypt deserves more than that, especially with the sporting boom that the country is witnessing during the era of President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi, President of the Republic, saying, “When the President of the Republic brings our leaders down and we see him practicing sports, opening facilities and being present in sports forums that are held in Egypt, it is the least thing.” From the Egyptian Taekwondo Federation, we are honored to present the two medals to President Sisi.”

The Egyptian Taekwondo champions wrote their names in golden letters in the history of Egyptian sports, after they honored the name of Egypt by winning the first two medals in the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, to give hope to their fellow missionaries in the rest of the games that nothing is impossible with determination and sincere will.

The Egyptian champion Hedaya Malak and the Egyptian champion Seif Issa, the Egyptian champions in taekwondo, succeeded in gifting Egypt the first two medals in the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, after an honorable and strong performance in the competitions, to raise the Egyptian flag among the great countries.

Hedaya Malak, a female taekwondo player, won the bronze medal in the 67-kg weight competition at the Tokyo Olympics, after defeating Baiji, the American player, 17-6. He defeated his Norwegian opponent Andre Ordmann, 12-4, in the bronze medal match in the 80kg category.