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Officially.. Galatasaray asks to buy Mohamed Sharif for 3 million dollars

Al-Ahly club received an official fax from the Turkish Galatasaray to buy Mohamed Sharif, the star of the red team attack, for 3 million dollars, and an informed source inside the Al-Ahly club said that Galata Saray sent an initial offer to include Mohamed Sharif for 3 million dollars, and they also confirmed in the letter that the offer could be increased. If Al-Ahly agreed to negotiate its sale.


Al-Ahly’s administration spoke with Mohamed Sharif and confirmed to him its refusal to discuss any offers before the end of the final match of the African Champions League against the South African Kaizer Chiefs, which is scheduled to be held on July 17 in Morocco.


Al-Ahly adheres to the survival of Mohamed Sharif, as he is the top scorer for the first team at the present time, but the player assured the mediator that he will not leave without the approval of Al-Ahly.


Mustafa Muhammad's transfer to Galatasaray has become permanently threatened if they succeed in the inclusion of Muhammad Sharif, at a time when Galatasaray is finding it very difficult to persuade Al-Ahly to dispense with Muhammad Sharif.