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Obama, Jensh and Mathlouthi are prohibited from leaving Zamalek

The management of the Zamalek club headed by Hussein Labib seeks to preserve the basic strength of the players in agreement with the technical staff led by the French technical director Patrice Carteron, who gave Farman not to leave a number of the team’s stars monitored by the seventh day in the following report:

Joseph Obama


The Zamalek club administration refused to open the door to departure for Youssef Obama, the team’s playmaker, who received an offer from the Saudi Al-Hazm Club to loan him for a season.


And the white administration settled on not agreeing to Obama's departure because of the need for his services and considering him one of the main pillars of the team, unlike the numerical shortage in the playmaker position, which Carteron requested to support with new deals.


The committee insisted on maintaining the basic strength of the first football team, rejecting any idea of ​​neglecting one of the team’s stars without the approval of the French coach, Patrice Carteron, who has the power to give the green light for the departure or dismissal of one of the players.

Hamza Mathlouthi


French coach Patrice Carteron, coach of Zamalek, has decided the fate of Tunisian Hamza Mathlouthi, the team's right-back, after news circulated throughout the last period about the approaching departure of the player due to the coach's lack of conviction in his technical abilities.



An informed source inside Zamalek revealed that Carteron surprised everyone and confirmed his adherence to Mathlouthi's continuation in the ranks of the white team in the new season, and his full conviction of the player's technical and physical capabilities and capabilities.


And the last period witnessed news of Cartieron's intention to dispense with Hamza Mathlouthi next summer, before the French coach decided this matter officially and adhered to the player's continuation and not his departure.


Hamza Mathlouthi participated with Zamalek during 19 games in 3 different tournaments, namely the League, the Egypt Cup and the African Champions League, and he succeeded in making one goal for his teammates and did not score goals.


Mahmoud Jensh

Amr Al-Dardir, the media spokesman for the Zamalek club, confirmed in televised statements that the club’s board of directors, headed by Hussein Labib, received an official offer from the newly promoted Farco club to the Egyptian Premier League from the “Bahri” group, to sign goalkeeper Mahmoud Abdel Rahim Jensh at the end of the current season. Pointing out that the goalkeeper continues with the White Castle and there is no intention to neglect him, and talking about negotiations with any player in the current period is an obstacle to the stability of the team and its path in pursuit of the Premier League title.