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Los Angeles imposes wearing a muzzle indoors again due to the Delta variable

Los Angeles County in California announced the re-imposition of wearing a muzzle in closed spaces, for everyone, regardless of whether or not he received the Corona vaccine, after the high number of injuries and hospital treatment associated with the rapidly spreading Delta variable.

The decision takes effect from Saturday night in the county of 10 million people, in what represents the most dramatic reversal of reopening the United States this summer, as experts fear a new wave of the virus.

Officials suspect that the delta variant, which currently accounts for about half of new infections in the United States, is causing a nationwide resurgence of the virus.

The rate of new cases has more than doubled since late June. Average daily cases remained below 300 during July, likely due to high vaccination rates among the elderly, who are more likely to die from the virus.

For seven consecutive days, Los Angeles County recorded more than 100,000 new infections, which officials say amounts to real transmission.

Positive test results for corona also rose from 0.35% when the county reopened on June 15 to 3.75%, a measurement that indicates there are more cases in the community that are not detected. Officials also recorded about 400 hospitalizations on Wednesday, up from 275 on the seventh day.

And county officials said in a message yesterday, Thursday, to announce the new decision, that wearing a muzzle in closed places has once again become a normal practice by everyone regardless of the vaccination status, so that we can stop the trend and the level of transmission that we are currently seeing.. They added that they expect to maintain This measure is until an improvement in the community transmission of the Corona virus is recorded.