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Lebanon records 400 new infections with the Corona virus, and Kuwait records 12 deaths

The Lebanese Ministry of Public Health announced 400 new cases of coronavirus, including 393 residents and 7 expatriates, to keep the infection rate rising for the second day in a row, after weeks of tangible decline; bringing the total number of HIV infections to 546,766.

The daily report of the Ministry confirmed the registration of two deaths; Bringing the total number of deaths from the emergence of the virus in Lebanon to 7,869.

14,583 citizens received the first dose of the Corona vaccine; The total number of recipients of the first dose increased to 1,049,902 cases, while 14,726 citizens received the second dose yesterday, bringing the total number of recipients of the second dose to 522,264.

The report did not mention the discovery of new infections with the delta mutator of the Corona virus, which was announced in Lebanon last week.

In the same context, Kuwait recorded, during the past 24 hours, 1,705 new infections with the emerging coronavirus; bringing the total number of injuries to 370,932.

And the Kuwaiti Ministry of Health indicated - in a statement reported by the Kuwait News Agency - that it had recorded 12 deaths; So, the total number of deaths reached 2071, while the total number of recovery cases reached 350 thousand and 471, after 1621 were recorded.