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Learn about Rami Rabea’s position on Al-Ahly training after the frontal pain

Al-Ahly defender Rami Rabia will participate in the team’s training today, Tuesday, after confirming his readiness for training, after he complained of pain in the front muscle the past days, which made him miss the team’s training last Saturday night.

Rami Rabea sat on the Al-Ahly substitutes bench in the Smouha match, the day before yesterday, Sunday, in the 28th round of the Premier League, which ended with Al-Ahly’s victory by 4-0.

Al-Ahly’s medical staff confirmed the readiness of Rami Rabia to participate in the matches and training, explaining that the pain he suffered in Maran yesterday was simple and recovered.

Al-Ahly got a rest from the training Monday after the Smouha quartet, and today begins preparing for the Arab Contractors match, scheduled for nine in the evening, Thursday, at Petrosport Stadium, in the postponed meeting of the 26th round of the Premier League.

On the other hand, Al-Ahly’s technical staff began watching a number of videos related to the Arab contractors’ matches in the league in order to know the strengths and weaknesses in the ranks of the mountain wolves before the match that brings them together, in light of the technical staff’s desire to cross the contractors and continue the journey of collecting all available points to regain the top spot. league.


Musimani wants to identify the contractors’ weaknesses before building the plan that he relies on to cross his opponent and to know the most important technical problems facing the wolves, as he warned of the danger of the match, especially with the unsure position of the contractors in the league, who will play with all his strength to ensure away from the danger area and enter the area warm periodic table.