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Indonesian official: Entering the country requires obtaining the two doses against Corona

The head of the task force to confront Corona in Indonesia, Janeeb Warsitu, announced that the country will require foreign arrivals to obtain the two doses against Corona to enter Indonesia in an attempt to combat the spread of the epidemic in the country.

And the Indonesian newspaper (Jakarta Post) reported on its website today, Monday, that Warsito said that starting from tomorrow, Tuesday, foreigners or Indonesian citizens will be required to enter the country to present proof that they have obtained the two doses, and that the government will extend the period of home isolation for foreign tourists from five to eight days. .

Yesterday, Indonesia recorded 27,233 new cases, while 555 deaths were recorded during the past 24 hours, making it one of the countries in Southeast Asia with the most injuries.


The Indonesian newspaper Jakarta Post also reported that Indonesia will face its worst days, in its attempt to control the emerging corona virus (Covid-19) pandemic, with the efforts of hospitals, to deal with the sharp rise in cases of infection amid a shortage of intensive care units and oxygen cylinders.

The newspaper pointed out that the hospitals announced that they were striving as hard as they could, with reports received from one hospital that 63 patients had died while it was suffering from lack of oxygen.

Indonesia is currently recording more than 25,000 new cases of corona daily, a crisis caused by the increased travel movement and the spread of the most dangerous “delta” strain of the virus, and two hospitals in the Indonesian city of Bandung announced today that they had run out of oxygen, forcing them to refuse to receive any new patients.

An official at the Ministry of Health said that the ministry requested to intensify the production of oxygen cylinders, and appealed to people not to store these cylinders, because this measure "makes the matter worse for others," and the official's comments came at a time when many are seeking to ensure access to oxygen cylinders in particular for the treatment of patients at home. .