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How does raising pets help you maintain the health of your heart?

Many people always recommend raising pets to enhance the psychological state and get out of a state of depression, loneliness and severe sadness, and animal husbandry may also help children and a sense of familiarity and familiarity, but according to the eatingwell website, according to the American Heart Association, owning a pet resists stress, enhances happiness and encourages healthy habits. Like regular physical activity.

Keeping active and reduced stress can help reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, such as heart disease and stroke, and keeping your pet healthy too is a win-win.

One of the health benefits of owning a pet is


1: Pets make the way you work more enjoyable, as research shows that pets in the workplace may reduce employee stress levels, improve employee satisfaction and enhance productivity.

2: Pets inspire you to move more Even on the days of the worst weather, dog owners are 20% more active than their non-pet peers, and spend about 30 minutes less each day sitting, according to a 2017 study in the journal British Medical.

3: Less stress for pet owners. Those who see, talk, touch or even hear their pets nearby feel more joy, feel cared for and notice a sense of well-being, all of which may dampen stress hormones, lower heart rate and lower blood pressure.

4: Dog owners are less likely to have heart attacks and strokes and can reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease among those who live alone.