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Grandparents' Day.. Spain, Portugal and Brazil celebrate it today, July 26

Today, July 26, Spain celebrates the “Feast of the Grandparents”, as this day was chosen in particular because it falls on the day of the celebration of San Joaquin and Santa Anna, the parents of the Virgin Mary.

The Spanish newspaper "El Mundo" indicated that the celebration of Grandparents' Day began in 1998, but it is not only Spain that celebrates it on this day, as Portugal, Brazil, Cuba, Nicaragua, Honduras and Venezuela also celebrate Grandparents' Day on July 26 of each year.

In the rest of the world, Grandparents' Day is celebrated on 1 October as the International Day of Older Persons. This date was promoted by the United Nations with the aim of raising awareness against discrimination against older persons, and drawing attention to negative stereotypes and misconceptions about aging.

In Italy, Grandparents' Day is celebrated starting in 2005 and is celebrated on 2 October, and it is called Guardian Angels Day in the Roman Catholic Church.

As for the Netherlands, it began celebrating Grandparents' Day in 2004 on June 4, and it is considered unofficial, but in order to strengthen the bonds between generations and increase respect and appreciation for the elderly in general.

In Mexico, Grandparents' Day is celebrated on August 28.

In the United States of America, Congress passed the legislation declaring the first Sunday after Labor Day to be National Grandparents' Day in the United States, and on August 3, 1978, then-President Jimmy Carter signed the declaration.