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Find out the prices of fish in the transit market for wholesale today

Today, Thursday, 7-8-2021, fish prices have stabilized in the transit wholesale market, with a weak turnout due to the approaching Eid al-Adha season.


And mullet "1" recorded 55-65 pounds per kilo, and mullet 2 ranged between 47-53 pounds, and the price of "1" coral ranged between 28-32 pounds per kilo, and "2" coral settled 23-27 pounds per kilo, and frozen coral 15 - 25 pounds per kilo.


The prices of tilapia farms 1 stabilized, where the kilo recorded 20-22 pounds, tilapia farms 2 recorded 17-19, while the prices of Aswan tilapia ranged between 17-37 pounds per kilo, and tilapia fillets 30-110 pounds per kilo.


Smooth white "2" recorded 25-35 pounds per kilo, white peel prices ranged between 70-100 pounds per kilo, Souissi pasta recorded 70-80 pounds per kilo, frozen shrimp "2" 85-165 pounds per kilo, and "3" 90-150 pounds. per kilo, and bourbon between “1” to 34-40 pounds per kilo, and “2” bourbon from 25-35 pounds per kilo.


Engineer Ibrahim Al-Arabi had received the monthly report to monitor market changes, which is issued by the union in cooperation with the chambers of commerce in the governorates to monitor local market changes in terms of prices and the quantitative and geographical availability of consumer goods. The report emphasized the stability of the prices of most types of fish on a monthly basis.