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Copa America .. Neymar: The final against Argentina is what I always dreamed of

Brazil striker Neymar da Silva confirmed that the Copa America final, which will be held at dawn on Sunday against Argentina in Rio de Janeiro, is the match he has always dreamed of.

"It is the final that I have always dreamed of playing. The final that everyone who loves football is waiting for in the Copa America," Neymar said in a video clip published by the Brazilian Football Confederation after the Seleção training session in preparation for the upcoming match. two ancients."

He added, "It is like this because of all the titles won by both teams, their history and the players they have now. It is an honor for me to be part of the Brazil team. And of course there is a strong desire to win this final."

Neymar remembered the final of the last edition of the Copa America in 2019 against Peru, which Brazil won 3-1, but he watched the match from the fans' benches due to his injury at the beginning of the tournament.

He said, "I suffered a lot at the time. I tried a lot. I went to the stadium and I was unhappy because of the injury that kept me out of the match. This is my first Copa America final and I will do everything I can to win the title."

He also talked about his friendship with the Argentine star, Lionel Messi, who played with him in the ranks of Barcelona: "I have always said that he is the best player I have ever seen in the stadiums. He is a great friend, and we will only compete in the final and each side will be an opponent of the other. I want to win this title, as he desires." He too. I know he struggled a lot for a title with Argentina. If I wasn't in the final and so was Brazil, I'd always support Argentina."

Before his statements to the Brazilian Football Confederation, Neymar, the Paris Saint-Germain striker, had criticized the Brazilians, who confirmed their support for Argentina in the final, on social networks.

He stated, "I'm Brazilian, with pride and love. I've never done anything against Brazil, that's how you should compete in any sport, even a beauty pageant or an Oscar. If I come to Brazil, I'm with Brazil."