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Britain asks tech companies to immediately hand over data of abusers of England players

The British newspaper, The Times, said that the United Kingdom government will require major technology companies to immediately hand over details of the racists who abused England players after they lost the final match in the Euro 2020 championship to Italy on penalties, so that the government can provide examples of the perpetrators.

The newspaper pointed out that the comments published on the players’ pages on the social media after their loss in the final match last Sunday, have increased frustration over the failure of technology companies to eradicate the abuse.

The government believes that social media platforms need to provide more timely information to help authorities crack down on this problem.

The "Times" quoted a government source as saying that they want real repercussions for the people who tweet this abuse, adding that they need to know from these people and provide examples of them.

This comes at a time when British Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Home Secretary Priti Patel were condemned and accused of hypocrisy in dealing with racism in football, because of their previous positions.

The Labor Party accused Johnson and Patel of failing to support the team in the knee-jerk gesture, which has become a global movement to express the rejection of racism, before the start of the Euro 2020 matches, and critics said that the position of the Prime Minister and the Minister of the Interior gave license to racists.

Mrs. Warsi, the former chairwoman of the Conservative Party, accused the party of reaping what it sowed, referring to the culture wars. Former soccer player Gary Neville Johnson was accused of promoting racism, referring to the article he wrote earlier, in which he said that Muslim women who wear the niqab look like mailboxes. .

While England international Tyrone Mings directed his attack on the Home Secretary, saying that she was only called out by disgust at the racism that targeted his teammates.