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Assigning Akram Tawfik with special tasks in the Pyramids match because of “Ramadan Sobhi”

The technical staff of Al-Ahly team, led by Pitso Mosimane, gave some advice and special instructions to Akram Tawfiq, the red team player, who is expected to lead the right front of his team in his match against Pyramids tomorrow, Thursday, in the 27th round of the General League competition.

The instructions given by Al-Ahly’s technical staff to Akram Tawfiq, as he will lead the right front, on which he will play the most important attacking card of Pyramids, Ramadan Sobhi, in light of Musimani’s desire to narrow the spaces for him and impose control on him to prevent him from receiving the ball and threatening the red team’s goal.

Al-Ahly’s technical staff renewed confidence in Akram Tawfiq to continue to lead his team’s right front in his match against Pyramids, after the player’s remarkable brilliance in his last two matches against Tunisia’s Esperance in the African Champions League semi-final, after he was praised by everyone and was one of Al-Ahly’s stars in the two matches, especially the first match that happened Where the vulture match.

Akram Tawfiq can perform both defensive and offensive roles to the fullest and play in direct confrontations in a player-on-player situation, which made him the best choice for Musimani to continue to lead the right front in Al-Ahly.

Al-Ahly’s technical staff is scheduled to keep Mohamed Hani on the bench in the Pyramids match tomorrow, due to his return from a severe injury to the front muscle.