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Adam Ounass, the Italian player from Napoli, is waiting for a gift from Spalletti

Algerian international Adam Ounass, the Italian player of Napoli, is waiting for a new real opportunity in his professional career with his current team, during the next season 2021/22.

Napoli has signed Italian Luciano Spalletti to take over as coach of the team, starting from the new season, and the latter intends to give all the team a chance before settling on the starting lineup.

For his part, former Napoli player Vittorio Tosto said that Ounass will have an ideal opportunity to impose himself with the team during the next stage, with the arrival of Spalletti.

He added in radio statements: "Spalletti is crazy and is not afraid of adventure, and I expect that he will give the opportunity to Adam and Nas, who will certainly be able to become a key player in the team."

And the former Napoli player continued: "I say this with confidence, although Ounass did not get a full opportunity during the past years with Napoli, I am looking forward to his participation with the team."

He stated, "Adam and Nas have to be up to the challenge and responsible, and he must show the technical staff that he is able to participate with the team at a distinguished professional level, in addition to bearing pressure."

And he concluded by saying: "Spalletti in the end depends only on the return of each player above the green rectangle, even if he is returning from injury, or coming from a second-class team, the important thing is to make the difference."

For his part, Luciano Spalletti, the new coach of the Italian team Napoli, revealed his plan with the team in the new season 2020-2021, praising at the same time captain Lorenzo Insigne, noting that he was as he imagined as the team leader.

"The coach has to instill confidence in the players, the coach must have a message and be able to deliver it to all members of the team, then you have to create something to motivate them, to make them able to recognize themselves," Spalletti said in a press conference.

He continued, “I am just a coach, and I do not care about management problems. It is true that when there are problems related to my work, I talk to the management in order to solve them, but I do not go to the president to overburden the club with debts and spoil the entire club project. We are trying to improve the team as much as possible.” Without getting rid of any players we might benefit from."