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12 competitors in the Egyptian Stock Exchange elections..Hashem El-Sayed reserves a seat..3 women are nominated

Twelve candidates are competing for the elections to the board of directors of the Egyptian Stock Exchange for the new session (2021-2025), which is scheduled to be held on Wednesday, corresponding to July 14, at the headquarters of the Misr Information Dissemination Company, and Hashem El-Sayed reserved the seat of the listed companies because there is no other candidate for the same seat, while 3 compete Women in the elections are Dalia Al-Sawah for the SMEs seat, Rania Yaqoub, and Randa Hamed for the securities companies seats.


The Egyptian Stock Exchange elections will be held for 5 seats, 3 for operating companies from brokerage and asset management companies, one for listed companies and another for small and medium companies.


The list of candidates for membership of the Board of Directors of the Egyptian Stock Exchange (2021-2025), and the candidates for the seats of companies operating in securities (broking) included: Osama Shehata, managing director of Universal for Securities Brokerage, Ehab Saeed, managing director of Osoul Securities Brokerage, Rania Yaqoub, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Threeway Securities, Shawkat Al-Maraghi, Managing Director of Prime Securities, and Adel Abdel-Fattah, Chairman of Themar Securities Brokerage Company.


The names of the candidates for the list of companies operating in securities (other than brokerage) included: Ahmed Abu El-Saad, Vice Chairman and Managing Director of Azimut Egypt for Fund Management and Securities Governor, Gamal Fawzy Fathalla, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Porto Holding Group, and Randa Hamed, Managing Director Okaz Company for the formation and management of securities portfolios, Mohamed Reda, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Solid Capital Consulting, and on the Nile Stock Exchange, Dalia Al-Sawah, Managing Director of the Integrated Group for Engineering Works, Mohamed Al-Azab Khattab, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Arab Development and Real Estate Investment Company, and Hashem Al-Sayed as a single candidate for Restricted corporate seat.


Most of the candidates’ electoral programs were based on promoting the stock exchange, as candidate Rania Yacoub presented a program that includes promoting the Egyptian Stock Exchange through a new vision for the role of the capital market, and reaching through the media the adoption of a program to spread the culture of investment in the stock exchange, and the same for candidate Ahmed Abu Al-Saad, who presented a program based on Promoting the Egyptian Stock Exchange in the global markets for sovereign funds and emerging market funds, in addition to increasing the number of listed companies and free-trading rates by increasing the attractiveness of listing on the stock exchange for government and family companies and increasing the number of traders in the capital market. Mohamed Reda also suggested reducing listing costs and approving tax incentives for listing new companies.


Ehab Saeed and Rania Yaqoub are also calling for a reconsideration of the capital gains tax, while Shawkat Al-Maraghi seeks to activate trading on bonds and treasury bills in the Egyptian Stock Exchange.


As for the candidates of the Nile Exchange, the electoral program of Dalia Al-Sawah is based on two axes; The first is internal at the level of companies listed on the Medium and Small Enterprises Exchange for about 26 companies that are currently listed, by working to address the problems and obstacles faced by these companies, whether related to the stock exchange or the Financial Supervisory Authority, and help them provide communication between them and the sponsoring companies and ensure access to the best services.


The second axis is concerned with promoting the Small and Medium Enterprises Stock Exchange by conducting extensive campaigns in all governorates to attract the most promising companies that have great growth opportunities to be listed on the Egyptian Stock Exchange.