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Watch.. Shawky Gharib and Cheetos prank with Iraq's Karim in front of South Africa

The Olympic team match with South Africa witnessed a mold of Shawky Gharib, coach, and Wael Riad “Chetos” in Karim Al-Iraqi, the team player, while he was on the national team’s bench against South Africa.

Shawky Gharib and Cheetos asked Karim Al-Iraqi to prepare for his landing in the match, and when Karim Al-Iraqi was ready to go, they told him that the substitutions were over, so he returned to the bench, amid laughter and joking between the player, Shawky Gharib, Cheetos and the rest of the bench.

The bench players entered Hazar's link during the team's match against South Africa, which was held today at Suez Stadium in preparation for the Tokyo Olympics.

Egypt's Olympic team, led by Shawky Gharib, renewed its victory over South Africa in the second friendly match that brought them together at Suez Stadium, and the match ended with the Pharaohs winning by three clean goals, and Ahmed Yasser Rayan and Salah Mohsen scored in the 17th, 19th and 23rd minutes of the match from naive mistakes for the boys' defenses.

And the Egyptian Olympic team had previously defeated South Africa in the first friendly, which was held last Thursday evening, with two goals without a response, scored by Mostafa Mohamed.

Today's match witnessed a quick and offensive start from the two teams, and the South African team succeeded in threatening the goal of Mahmoud Gad, the Pharaohs goalkeeper, and almost scored the first goal in the 5th minute, but Mahmoud Gad saved his goal from the first bites, and the first half ended with the Pharaohs advancing 3-0.

 In the second half, Shawky Gharib made several changes to give the opportunity to most of the players, and despite the Pharaohs' control over the course of the match, they did not succeed in adding more goals, and the match ended with the Pharaohs winning 3-0.