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Tunisian Nabil Maaloul resigns as coach of the Syrian national team

The Tunisian Nabil Maaloul, the coach of the Syrian national team, announced his resignation from the leadership of the team, after he notified the Syrian Football Association of his decision on the grounds of not receiving his dues during the last period.

Nader Daoud, assistant to Nabil Maaloul, said in a statement to Tunisian radio ifm: “The coach, Nabil Maaloul, sent a letter to the Syrian Federation requesting the official termination of his contract for not receiving his dues for 15 months. We have contracted with the Syrian Federation to supervise the Syrian team since March 2020, and until today we have not received for any dues.


The assistant coach of the Syrian national team stated, "Nevertheless, we continued to work, and after the camps, we qualified for the second round of qualifying for the World Cup, and for the Asian Cup 2023 finals. There are conversations from here and there, and what I can confirm is that Nabil Maaloul did not receive a single dinar, so he made a request to the President of the Syrian Football Federation on the day March 18, to enable him to pay his dues.


Daoud added: “There is a problem with the payment of salaries, and you cannot get your salaries until after you deposit an application and that happened, and despite the fact that the law stipulates that after 15 days of depositing the application, without receiving the dues, you become free, and in a solution from any connection, this means that Nabil Maaloul has been free since last April 4, but despite that he decided to continue the mission, and gave the Syrian Federation a period of 3 months to settle the situation, but nothing changed.


Daoud concluded by saying: "There are problems between the Syrian General Sports Federation and the Football Association, and Nabil Maaloul thought that this would affect the results, so we decided to get out of the big door."