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The President of the Sovereignty Council praises the role of the Troika group in the peace of Sudan

The head of the Sudanese Transitional Sovereign Council, Lieutenant-General Abdel Fattah Al-Burhan, praised the role played by the Troika countries in promoting peace and stability in Sudan, according to what was published by the official Sudanese News Agency.

During his meeting in his office at the Presidential Palace today, the members of the group, which includes the American envoy Donald Booth, the United Kingdom envoy Bob Ferwids, and the Norwegian envoy Andre Stansen, valued the efforts made by the group to support the transitional period, pointing out that its signing today in the Friendship Hall, next to the IGAD on the Sudan Peace Agreement The site in Juba last October is a step in the way of opening Sudan to the international community.

The head of the delegation, US envoy Donald Booth, said in a press statement that the meeting discussed how the troika would provide political support to the transitional government in order to achieve the hopes and aspirations of the Sudanese people towards peace, stability and development in the country, describing the meeting as fruitful.

Booth affirmed the Troika's full support for the government to push forward the negotiation process currently taking place in the capital of the Republic of South Sudan between the government and the SPLM-N led by Abdelaziz El-Hilu.