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The head of the Libyan Presidency Council stresses the necessity of an immediate start in preparing for the elections

The head of the Libyan Presidential Council, Muhammad Al-Manfi, stressed today, Tuesday, the necessity of an immediate start to preparations for the next elections scheduled for the end of this year, adding that "holding the elections on time is a victory for all Libyans."

The media office of the exiled - according to the Libyan portal Al-Wasat - said that this came during a meeting of the exile and his deputy, Musa Al-Koni, today, with the board of directors of the Libyan High National Elections Commission headed by Imad Al-Sayeh in the capital, Tripoli, to follow up the preparations for the elections scheduled for next December 24.

For his part, Vice President of the Presidency Council, Moussa Al-Koni, affirmed the council’s full support and the international community’s support for the commission and the completion of its work for the success of the elections.

In turn, Commissioner Imad Al-Sayeh said, "The work on the elections has already started," calling on the Presidential Council to attend the celebration of launching the elections early next July.