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The government aims to add 285,000 feddans in the 21/2022 plan in the Future Egypt and New Delta projectدل

The agricultural sector and related activities are of great economic importance, as it constitutes the main source of food and the main supplier of inputs to the industrial sector, in addition to being a labor-intensive sector that provides many job opportunities in rural areas, and is characterized by the multiplicity and depth of its interrelationships with other sectors, foremost of which are Transportation, warehousing, trade and manufacturing industries.


The government is targeting horizontal expansion, by adding about 135 thousand feddans in the 21/2022 plan, in addition to 150 thousand feddans within the scope of the Future Egypt and New Delta project on the Dabaa axis in the Western Desert.


In its report, the Ministry of Planning and Economic Development expected an increase in the cropped area in the year 21/2022 to 17.5 million feddans.


The report indicated that government investments in the water resources and irrigation sector increased by 158% by about 21 billion pounds, which aimed to implement a number of priority projects, on top of which is the project for rehabilitating and lining canals.